My article

The library rules

I have been a college student for almost three years. I have
transformed from a rookie to an old man. In all these three years, I have
learnt a lot of knowledge, but none of them compared to this one, that is how
to get a seat in the library. In order to get a seat in the library, you must follow
the golden rules below.

Scrambling for seats

The first one is always the most important one. Cause if you
can’t get a seat in the library, the only thing you can do is to go to the
classrooms with the most uncomfortable benches in the world. If not, while you
are standing in the aisle wondering where to go you can see students who are
lucky enough to get seats before you doing all kind of non-study-related-things
to drive you mad, such as eating an orange, sending a short message, flirting
with his girlfriend and so on. Then the conclusion you get is to get out of
this place as soon as possible. Then I proudly present the golden to get a

   If it is still in
the beginning stage of a semaster, you need not worry about getting a seat,
just go to the library, you can get one with ease. In the middle stage of the
semaster, after Week 4, you must get up before 7 and get to the library before
7:30 which is the exact time when the library opens. Well, after Week 15, the
end of the semaster, more or less one month before the final exam, you need to
get up really early. 6:30 is just acceptable; the sole porpose is to get to the
library front door at around 7. Why 7? That’s because so many students become
your rival under the pressure of the final exam. At about 7:15, there will be
several layers of person around the front door. You can’t find a queue here,
especially among those college students who have been educated for so many
years. At about 7:29, the crowd begin to rush. At 7:30, the outer layer starts
to push the inner layer, the inner layer starts to push the core layer, the
core layer can be the luckiest person in the world on that day. So if you can’t
even scrambled at least a middle layer, forget about it, just go to the
classroom. The front door of the library is the easiest thing to be broken in
the library, I myself have seen one broken by 6 people pushing it at the same
time. Why China
has so many persons?

   So Rule No.1: get up as early as

Selecting seats

I think this one is the most tricky one, cause the person who
you gonna meet is unpredictable except that you go to study with your friends. But
make sure you keep yourself away from the orange-eating girl or cellphone-playing
boy and all couples in love. Besides, there are some other rules to follow:

   Do not sit at the
seat near the door, because it will be really cold at winter and really
distracting all the time considering all the people coming in and going out.
What can I say? They just don’t seem like the persons who sticked to their
chairs working on their homework.

   Do not sit at the
end of the room, because there are always some boys or girls like talking in a
low wisper but louder enough to make anybody else hear everything they talk.

   Before you sit
down, look up to check whether the daylight lamp is good. In DMU library, you
can always find some daylight lamps are used for too long to send out smooth

   So Rule No.2: be cautious.

Saving seats

Saving seats is a kind of ART. Not only in DMU, but in all
universities in China,
students have to learn how to save a seat. Sometimes you can just put a single
book on the seat you occupied or a bag on your seat. But make it clear to
yourself that saving seat is forbidden in all universities. Some universities
like DMU make regulations about this, while some don’t. If you just leave one
book on the table, other people can just put it aside and sit down to study.
You can’t blame him. The essence to be an ARTIST is to slow down. After you
take a seat no matter how hard you push other people or how fast you climb up
the stairs, you need to slow down to take out all your books and pens, put the
books in stacks, open a book, put a pen besides it, then open another book to
take some more place on the table, take out some other pens out put them
randomly around your territory. Then you can do whatever you want.

   There are some DON’Ts
about saving seats:

   Don’t put valuable books
on the table while you are not there. The valuable books include mathmatics books
such as Operational Research textbook, Advanced Mathmatics textbooks, Linear
Algebra and all novels.

   Don’t put a lot of
things on the table; you won’t notice you lost one in a lot of things.

   Don’t leave your
wallet, credit cards on the table or in your bag. Anyway, take all your
possession with you.

   Rule No.3: learn to slow down.

Library is the place to study, isn’t it?




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