Gore Offers a Challenge


In a speech yesterday, former Vice President Gore offered a challenge to the American people…..Produce 100% of our electricity from renewable energy and truly clean carbon-free sources within 10 years.

Gore noted the following climate-change related issues in his speech………

1. Some scientists say that there is a 75% chance within 5 years that the entire northern ice cap will completely disappear during the summer months.

2. Military intel. experts warn of hundreds of millions of climate refugees destabilizing nations around the world.

3. The recent strange weather and large number of lightning triggered fires across the country.
That is still up for debate in my opinion. Too short a time period to draw any conclusions.
Gore stresses that our over-reliance on carbon based fuels is the core of our economic, environmental and national security problems.
Renewable Energy

–Fuels that are not expensive don’t cause pollution and are available right here at home.

–According to scientists, enough solar energy falls on the surface of the earth every 40 minutes to meet 100% of the entire world’s energy needs for a full year.

–Enough wind blows through the Midwest to meet 100% of the U.S. electricity demand.

–Geothermal energy.

Gore notes that there have been sharp cost reductions in solar, wind and geothermal energy production, while oil and coal have seen sharp increases. Exploding demand in China is the main reason for high gas prices, as it is overwhelming new oil and coal discoveries, said Gore.

Tax what we burn, not what we earn.

Gore supports a sharp reduction in payroll taxes with the difference made up in CO2 taxes. This is the most important policy change.

Gore stresses that the technology is available to accomplish this challenge. Jobs will be gained at home and not lost abroad like they are now.

Here is the link to his speech. I recommend reading his full speech before you comment on it. For the most part, I thought the speech was well done. It set some lofty goals no doubt, but I think that is the direction we need to move much more agressively toward in this rapidly growing world. What do you think?

For more information and a video of the speech, you can check out the WE campaign at wecansolveit.org.


Texas oil billionaire T. Boone Pickens stated Friday that if Barack Obama is elected President, he would support Al Gore for energy czar. You can read the story from UPI right here.



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