So what?Crush本身就是一时的冲动,而不是love。

对这个女生有些许感觉仅仅是这个女生在某些方面很像菲,但是,to be frank,她根本就没有办法和菲比,或者说,根本就没有办法和我心中的那个菲相比。

So I am right, to be true to my own heart.如果这个女生真的是非常的优秀,我想我还是会是那个冲动的小伙子,毫不犹豫的跳到爱情里面去。恰好我现在不会了,所以说,she is not that attractive to me. I am just one of my kind, if she is not even near where I am, she is not gonna get my heart.

In another perspective, right now, love is not the focus of my life at the current stage, which is a good thing.

P.S I just finished the movie “Penelope”. James McAvoy is so cute.



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