Old bird says

I have been in college for almost 5 years, and I am stepping into my 6th year, surely I am old. Just walking around campus, I saw the new comers also wandering around with their parents accompanying aside.

Oh these 5 years!

I am pretty sure for these new comers, they will experience A LOT! Most of them will discover that mathematics is a pretty damn hard subject to learn and soon the hatred to Sir Issac Newton and Mr Leibniz, also Mr Cauchy will gain much more hatred from the very first beginning of math lesson. For a small proportional students, unlucky students, who sadly enough to choose mathematics as their major will find out that mathematics is so hard that most people are simply not capable to handle all these stuff. But at last, these bad-luck kids will manage to find a job in an out-source company to be a low-paid programmer. I am sure they will do fine.

In these four years,  a lot of them will have their strawberry first kiss, first hand-in-hand walk in the sunset, some lucky dog will find his/her life long soul mate. But for most kids, they will fall in love unreasonable, madly, unconsciously, sweetly, sadly, passionately, helplessly, famously, expensively, bitterly, humblely, long-distancely, boldly. They are so young, they have a lot of time to do whatever they would like to do. L O V E, these four letters, for some people, mean the whole world. They will savour every single minute of it no matter it is sweet like honey or bitter as coffee.

But love is not one of the most important stuff to do in college, not even can be counted the most important, it is just a thing you have to experience. Coming from a relatively small pound, getting into college means we can meet more diverse person from all over country, and living in a larger and more complex pound. There would be small fish growing into big fish or a shark, there are still gonna be small fish keep being small fish admiring big fish. Some people will grow into a legend, when some people mentions him or her or after one or two years or even some more years, people think of him or her, they will say “Oh, that man is so good at…/ she is such a genius/ He is a really awesome guy/ How could she get full score in mathematic test?” Being a legend has so many ways. Either you can learn really hard and get 1st prize scholarship, or you can be very active in extra curriculums and become a leader in an association and make public, or just be really good in English. Surely there are so many other ways. For me, I recommend the extra curriculum way, because I met so many wonderful person outside my own major, and some of them became my treasured friends.

So being in college is being in a transformation. These four years can totally change a person. Having so much free time and meeting different kinds of person and going through various experience are all gonna like painter’s color pens, they will leave permanent marking on one’s life track, just like Harry’s scar.

I hope them will discover their own life paths, figure out who they really are and what they are going to do after their four years’ college life.

College life is wonderful, I hope them they can enjoy themselves.



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