Hen or Egg

Once I had this discussion with my foreign teacher about poverty. The thing I focus on is the relationship between poverty and education. When I look around campus, there are a lot of students coming from remote countryside, normally they don’t do well in English, and often shy to be inivolved in extracurricular activities. In a way, they don’t take full advantages of being in a university. So why is it? The straight answer is their background has a very strong impact on what they think and what they do. Here the thing i want to make clear is i am not judging here but to discuss this situation.

Considering what I have seen when I was a  undergraduate, I do believe education is one great way to change a person. In a university, one is free to learn anything and there are a lot of resources to be self-educated. Here what I mean is books is just one way to learn things, so many other dimensions are available, such as meeting different people on different activities, doing part-time job, attend different major’s classes. Then today, it is not usually the thing is. Newcomers to the city and college are easily distracted to the things they never have in their hometown, so they consume their time on something trivial. In this way, their college education is a failure.

What about the alternative? The college education not only gave them the things they had never seen, but also the questions they had never thought of, the thought they don’t have, and the way of thinking they have not experienced and the vision they never wished. In this way, after leaving college, they became a totally different person and their financial situation can be changed because they can easily find a good job.

The circle goes on, when they have a kid, that kid is not in the situation of poverty and everybody is happy.

Then I can reach my conclusion, this question is not an egg-hen question. Education is the way to drag people out of poverty and make them have a better life.


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