I am deeply moved

Letter from Vincent

Aloha ,Sean ,Happy Thanksgiving!
I am  Cao Yi, I want let you know how important and meaningful you are in our life ,and how grateful we are .Although we did not say much thanks in words, we thank you many times in heart.
This is a good time to tell you our true feeling .
Thanks ,
for experiencing our happiest time in DMU,
for let us know many new fields ,and enlighten us in several  aspects both in life and knowledge;
for sharing with us your valued experience ,and encourage us to pursue the life I want ;
for telling us to insist on my belief when we felt at the edge of breaking down ;

Thank you for being there as a best friend so true and a life and study teacher so helpful!

Wish you a fruitful future and full of adventure !
Mahalo ,
Yours sincerely ,Cao Yi

I just got this from Vincent. A handsome boy, and courageous boy.

I am always wanting to pursue my dream as studying abroad and be a doctor as was given by my name. Vincent, the way for him to pursue his dream is much more difficult for me. He gave up his useless Chinese degree. (It’s true, DMU degree is useless. ) I envy him for this point.

In this life, it is always precious to know someone who has the same dream with you, and it is more precious that guy is standing by my side and giving selfless help. I couldn’t ask for more.

Good luck, Vincent, I know you are going to be great!


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