The disturbing fact

Before anyone who read this post, please read this first.

Actually, yesterday I came upon this post. Upon until then, I didn’t realize that being a Chinese should not be that proud. Of course, I am proud being a Chinese. What I really mean is, that kind of exaggerated proud should be analyzed with rational. Should I feel that proud?

Ever since I am a pupil, I feel my own country is a country with 5000 history, with 4 amazing inventions which had changed the world. This is like 1+1=2 in my mind. Never had I cast any doubt on it, because I am not familiar with the history. All the history education I received, in a way, lied to me. Here I am talking about the truth. Which version is the truth? The one I had bear in mind for almost 25 years or the disturbing one I recently found?

Here I use the word "disturbing" underlie some of my intention. "The Inconvenient Truth" is quite disturbing, but I believe it. I believe the global environment is deteriorating at a very fast pace. Coming to the environment problem, it is something we can actually see. But what about this? I can not see what happened 5000 years ago, whether my ancestor lived in this land.

 I have always hated the job working in the government, sipping tea all day without doing anything meaningful. Oh, I am wrong, I am so wrong. It is They who are writing the history. They can write anything they would like people 5000 years later to see. Maybe an paleontologist 5000 years later can know what species live on the earth now, but it would be much more difficult to tell what exactly happened in 2008 after 5000 years.

And to stand back one step, there is no absolute in this world. But I will try to find the truth from where I am standing. Can I?

Actually I am afraid. I publish this post here rather than my WordPress blog, is out of fear. I fear if there is something in this post to be categorized as "sensitive content", my blog would be blocked by that damn wall again.

The truth IS disturbing, isn’t it?

一个有关“The disturbing fact”的想法

  1. 多看一些原始资料,而不是N手评论,会避免想法从一个极端跑向另一个极端。BTW,虽然电影一般,尚雯婕的这首改编的quand je me regarde还是蛮好听的,配上北海道的风光,也有天籁的感觉。

  2. 恩,现在这个正式我的想法,等有空的时候,现在真的要去找些东西来看,来亲自认证自己到底该信什么。多谢,多谢,很有建设性的意见。BTW,我觉得电影还挺好的,有一场戏,我感同身受啊,那种感觉,嗖的一下就回来了。之前,我都没有找到quand je me regarde的翻译,再加上ost十分好听,就买了原声CD,真的很棒的说。觉得电影中某些场景很有味。


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