3 years, is it enough to get over a girl?

I had a thing of a girl once,and i had a shot at her,but i ain’t take it.

For a little while,i’d lay in bed every night,wondering if it was a mistake,wondering if i’d ever stop thinking about her. And now i can barely remember what she looks like.

I mean……her face’s……she’s just gone,and she ain’t never coming back.

LOST第五季第八集“ LaFleur”中帅气的Sawyer的一段独白,当然,那个girl就是雀斑女Kate。 LOST编剧几乎不把时间明确的写在屏幕上,这集,大大的例外,每一次闪回,编剧都加上 THREE YEARS EARLIER,每一次闪到现在,都加上 THREE YEARS LATER,时时刻刻问着观众这个问题:

Is three years enough to get over someone?



Is three years really enough to get over someone?

And three years later, when s/he is actually standing right in front you, are you still into s/he?



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