Yesterday, I officially turned 25! OH MY GOD!

I am not prepared for this, at all!

On the other hand, DAMN, I am 25! Looking back, I have done nothing. I mean, I haven’t achieved any my goal yet.

I should say, I am more mature, not mature enough, but more mature than 24. I started to care much more about the world around me, I started to care about the global warming, the ocean protection, the rain forest protection.I also made my mind to do something about it.

At the tale of my 24, I found out the meaning of my research. This is definitely a huge step for me. Everything happens for a reason, luckily I found mine. Also, I had my wish about my future job, which is a college professor or a job can combine environment protection and data mining. I am sure there would be a job like this, maybe not in China, but whereever, it is quite exciting.

As for my birthday wish, not one in particular, I do wish to go to study abroad this year, I am still waiting with my fingers crossed. God bless me for that!

But I am sitting in front of my computer right now, typing, I feel pretty much the same when I was 24. Birthday is just another ordinary day, yeah, that’s all. Right, get back to work!



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