RE: 文艺复兴

Please read the article 文艺复兴 first.

Who is the architecture?

Is he just another program?Or he is the God. Let me be a little analytical here, if he is just a program, then he must be a really really cool program. Here i say cool, i mean he is cool enough to eliminate 2 or 3 former Matrix he designed himself, of course I would think it’s painful. But he is just, or IT is just a program.Program cannot has feelings. Also if he is a program, at the end of the movie, he just sneered at human being, then it is another feeling, so to say he is not just a program, which makes him the God.

Then why bother the God talking to a program at the end of the movie, although that program has the ability to balance the equation?

Ok, enough analytical Sean.

We human being or muggle, as a unique races, can be distinguished from other creatures just because we can use tools. As our civilization developed, we create robot, which is really nice thing. It helps us doing a lot of hard works or dull works or intricate works or works we perceive inferior. We Chinese translate this word to “Machine Human”, which i think is not literal at all. We, in a sense, want robots have feeling, to be more exact, to have senses, to sense what we want to do and then do it for us. This is AI.

I believe there would be a day, robots can have feeling, like Wall-E. Quite unlike Wall-E, robots also can have negative feelings, at that time, robots may not like how we human being treat them. They will fight back at us to prove they are not inferior. They don’t need eating meat, drinking coffee, encouragement or something, they will fight us to death. They will rule the earth, and don’t expect a Neo or a Messiah just show up and sacrifice himself for the human being. This is not a Hollywood movie.

Here, let’s think of  the chimpanzee, would they think like this if he actually had thoughts? Just some thousands years ago, I was the king of the earth and then you human beings come up, took over our land and start to use tools and massacre all the other races on the earth, screw you, humans!

Or going back to 16th, 17th century, innocent muggle burn witches for fun. Would wizard and witches hate human?

Or be a little practical, would Afghans think the same of Americans? Probably yes.

Here, let’s rethink the relationship in our daily life.

Rethink of the relationship between Chinese and other nationalities, especially Americans and Japanese. Also, if you have time, we could rethink of the relationship between Han majority and the far corner of southwest China.

Rethink of the relationship between human beings and the other creatures living on Earth.

At last, let’ s thank for the author of 文艺复兴.



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