Blue lotus never wane


Blue lotus never wane

All my confidence about the future comes from:

No one likes lies, people like real.No one likes hypocrisy, people like sincerity.No one likes fraud, people like good faith.No one likes the vile, people like the noble.No one likes to be timid, people like to be brave.No one wants to evade, people like to play. Even when all these good virtues are gone, people still secretly appreciate them deep down in their hearts.

People adore little babies’ clear and transparent eyes, and also wishing to have such eyes. People like to fall asleep holding lover’ hand, no one likes hiding a dagger under the pillow. People like clean sky, warm sunshine, clear drinking water and fresh air, no one would like to carry gas masks and test strips to live in this world. People smile when they feel relaxed, no one wants to live in fear, no one wants to live every day as it is a gift.People like equality as the timely shower nurturing the earth, no one likes being discriminated, exploited, excluded, manipulated, and sacrificed. Yes, I clearly see the desires for equality from all the misfortunes.

After all the words that had to say, all the things that had to do, even songs had to sing, there still exists reluctance, there is still irony in the whisper, there is still unreturned look.Yet there still exists another way of living and another kind of emotion lingers in the hugs of parents, on the lips of lovers, between shoulders of friends. Stubbornly do hugs and kisses persist, tenaciously do flowers bloom in spring, recalcitrantly do wheat stand side by side in silence like they are protesting something.

People plant flowers in the most humble balcony, decorate their floor even it is cheap, and always light a lamp although it is small and dilapidated, so I still have hope for the future, I do believe that the presence of the Blue Lotus in this world.

That flower blooms incandescently,and never wane.




人们喜欢小婴儿清澈透明的眼睛,也希望自己能有这样的一双眼睛。人们喜欢握住情人的手沉沉入睡,没有人会愿意永远在枕头下面放一把匕首。人们喜欢干 净的阳光、天空、饮水和空气,没有愿意带着防毒面具和检测试纸在这世界上生活。人们喜欢面露微笑表情轻松,没有人愿意生活在恐惧之中,没有人愿意每多过一 天都像是一种恩赐。人们喜欢平等如同甘霖一样普降大地,润泽万物,没有人喜欢被歧视、被压榨、被排挤、被盘算、被牺牲。是的,我在所有的不快乐中清晰地看 到了对它们的渴求。

在所有不得不说的话,不得不做的事,乃至不得不唱的歌之后,还有不情愿存在,还有反讽在耳语,还有别过头去根本不转过来的眼神。在父母的怀抱里,在 情人的口唇处,在朋友的肩膀上,还有另外一种生活另外一种情感留存。还是有拥抱和吻顽固地在坚持,还是有花朵在春天里顽强地开放,还是有麦子肩并肩顽抗一 样沉默地站立在土地里。





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